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Law Office of  W. Robert Phibbs
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The Law Office of W. Robert Phibbs provides professional representation to public-sector employees in Central and Northern California.  The primary focus of representation is those employees and their organizations whose collective bargaining rights are governed by the Meyers-Milias-Brown Act (California Government Code Section 3500 et.seq).

As an attorney, Mr. Phibbs has represented public employees since 1987.  Prior to that he had extensive experience as a public employee including leadership roles in his local employee organization.

Services include professional representation in collective bargaining and the development of comprehensive Memorandums of Understanding between local employee organizations and cities, counties and special districts.  Bargaining styles are adapted to the local environment, and include traditional positional bargaining, interest based bargaining and a hybrid of those two methods.  Representation is extended to organizational members in grievances and disciplinary actions initiated by the employer.


On behalf of employee organizations, organizational structure and advice is provided to the Board of Directors, including unit organization, recognition, modification and bylaws.


Essential Services Organizations: Often referred to as "miscellaneous employees", these organizations receive representation based upon a broad knowledge of county and municipal services including traditional public works, non-sworn law/code enforcement, administrative and related services.


Peace Officers: Representation of law enforcement employee organizations and  individuals pursuant to the Public Safety Officers Procedural Bill of Rights Act.  Representation available as a PORAC LDF Panel Attorney.


Organizational and individual representation is provided in arbitrations at the local level, before the Public Employment Relations Board and the California State Personnel Board.